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Leavesley Group Arable Production - Wheat
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Arable Production

The arable estate extends to 4,000 acres and production largely rotates between wheat, barley, beans and oil seed rape. 

Much of the grain is used to provide feed rations for our group pig farms, and we aim to supply local farms with local grain, using on site milling equipment and thereby minimise transport and environmental strain.

In return, the pigs provide the ideal fertiliser for the land’s nitrogen, potassium and phosphorous needs.

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We harmonise arable natural solutions and resources

Andy Brown
Arable Foreman

Our initiatives:

  • Develop crops resistant to disease and pests

  • Carbon Efficient Machinery

  • GPS tracking and mapping

  • Environmental Stewardship Compliance

  • Working alongside the Environment Agency

  • Compliance with International Pollution Prevention Controls

  • Member of Red Tractor Assurance Scheme