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360° Freedom Farrower pen for pig rearing
360° Freedom Farrower pen for pig rearing
360° Freedom Farrower pen for pig rearing
360° Freedom Farrower pen for pig rearing

360° Freedom Farrower™

Its unique design, which gives sows the freedom to turn around 360 degrees while in confinement, led to its developers being awarded the Good Sow Commendation by Compassion in World Farming.

The ground-breaking pen has the same footprint as a conventional crate, but improves the way in which the sow can be handled whilst allowing more freedom of movement. Its flexible design with moveable restraining bars give the animal space to turn around in the pen but also enables close containment when necessary.

This increases the sow's nesting ability and reduces her stress, which leads to fewer deaths, fewer still born piglets, heavier weaning rates and increased profits.

Advanced levels of animal welfare can bring countless benefits to both the pigs and your business by reducing the stress levels in the animals and enhancing pig performance. We have clear evidence showing that sows and piglets are happier and more relaxed in the 360° Freedom Farrower™ pen.

It has been uniquely designed to take up no more space than a traditional pen and is easy to use.

  • The sows have 360 degrees of movement, increasing the nesting ability.
  • The piglets have freedom to suckle, or rest safely out of the way.
  • Sows kept in the 360° Freedom Farrower™ have fewer stillborn or crushed piglets.
  • The animals are more relaxed and contented, meaning healthier and heavier piglets (up to 25 per cent heavier at weaning time).
  • When handling is required the 360° Freedom Farrower™ increases safety for the animal and the stockman.
  • It is available in twin single pens or twin double pens.

The 360° Freedom Farrower™ is totally unique:

It allows the sow's movement to be restricted when necessary, such as when the stockman needs access, yet thanks to flexible new design elements, the pen can be opened up to give the sow room to turn herself around.

With stockman safety a priority, the 360° Freedom Farrower offers pedestrian access through vertical poles, just wide enough apart for the stockman to enter or leave the pen but too close together for the sow to escape. The piglets are kept close to the mother thanks to an encircling plastic panel.


The 360° Freedom Farrower™ is:

  • Not bigger, just better. Fits conventional pen size (2.4 x 1.6/1.8 m)
  • Robust – made from heavy duty galvanised steel, weighing 230kg
  • Developed by pig producers for pig producers
  • Compliant with welfare standards

An installation service and free site survey are available.

What do you get?

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Distributors include:

  • UK and EU - Midland Pig Producers Limited
  • RoW - tba

Strategic Partners include:

  • Germany and EU – MIK Gmbh
  • Australia – Stock Yard Inc

The ground-breaking pen has been developed by pig farmers, for pig farmers, and has consistently proven to lower mortality and increase weaning weights. The pen regularly wins accreditations and commendations from industry leading experts

Andrew Atkin
360 Farrower Manager